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May 2013 – Update – May Info Sheet 11-003

March 2013 – Update

January 2013 – Update

Update of 4 March 2013:

Karen O’Kane from the NCC Better Broadband Team had provided the following update to the Parish Council on 4 March.  There will be several BBfN (Better Broadband for Norfolk) programme rollout phases and each phase will follow the same sequence of events:

  1.  Survey, design and detailed planning
  2. Implementation
  3. Services available from Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

BT has started its survey, design and detailed planning work for the first phase of the BBfN rollout and services from ISPs for Phase 1 are due to be available by the end of this year.  Once survey, design and detailed planning for each phase is complete, information concerning the areas that will benefit will be made available (for Phase 1 this is expected summer 2013).  Information for each subsequent phase will be released approximately every three months.  Once services are available from ISPs information on speeds at an individual premises level will be available.  The programme will share information regarding the availability of better broadband in the county via the BBfN website (at: as soon as it can.





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