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    Blo Norton Parish Council Policy re Charities seeking Donations

     “Requests for financial donations from any charity which would not benefit each individual within the village should be politely refused, stating it is the policy of the Parish Council not to give a monetary donation.  Requests from the charities for financial donations which may benefit every individual within the village should be tabled on the next suitable agenda.  Alternative assistance could be volunteered ie a small advertisement in the Bugle or notices put up on notice boards”

    Agreed at Parish Council meeting 17 May 2011

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  • What is the John Dyer Charity?

    The John Dyer Charity

    On 20 November 1828, John Dyer set up a Charity for “The Instruction of Children of Blo’ Norton”.  The Charity is to provide a small amount of financial assistance to aid the educational development of young people living in the Parish.

    All Charities have regulations they must adhere to in order to fulfil the law.  The Charity is in a position to fund small grants to children of the parish.

    There is not a great deal of money available, regrettably what was a reasonable sum 184 years ago does not now have the same buying power.  That said the Charity should be in a position to help in some small way the educational needs of some of our young people living in the Parish.  Please use it.

    Applications for Blo’ Norton Grants should be made, by letter, to the three Blo’ Norton Trustees:

    • Mrs Susan Nixon of Ashiana , Fen Road , Blo’ Norton , Diss ,IP22 2JH ,
    • John Olley, Fircone Bungalow, Fen Road, Blo’ Norton, Diss IP22 2JH
    • Mike Bristow, Brick End Cottage, Thelnetham Road, Blo’ Norton, Diss IP22 2JG

    Please note that the Parish Council is not a Trustee for this Charity and therefore has no power to decide how funds are allocated, however the Parish Council would hope to support the application of needy cases to the Trustees.





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