Drivers Offered Security Marking – South Norfolk message from Norfolk Police Direct

Drivers offered security marking – South Norfolk

Police in South Norfolk have teamed up with three garages to offer motorists free catalytic converter marking next month.

Drivers of 4x4s, motor homes and vans will be able to visit garages in Tharston, Diss and Harleston every Friday throughout June to get catalytic converters security marked.

The aim is to reduce the number of thefts and make it more difficult for offenders to dispose of them at scrap metal sites.

Local beat manager PC Jim Squires said: “Catalytic converters are prime targets for thieves because they contain premium metals platinum and rhodium. These marking events will make it difficult for criminals to dispose of.”

The garages taking part are:

  • Stratton Quick Fit, Salamanca Road, Tharston Industrial Estate
  • Tread First Tyre and Exhaust, Vinces Road, Diss
  • Harleston Tyre Service, Fuller Road, Harleston Industrial Estate

Vehicle owners will need to sign a disclaimer before converters are marked.

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