• Better Broadband

    May 2013 – Update – May Info Sheet 11-003

    March 2013 – Update

    January 2013 – Update

    Update of 4 March 2013:

    Karen O’Kane from the NCC Better Broadband Team had provided the following update to the Parish Council on 4 March.  There will be several BBfN (Better Broadband for Norfolk) programme rollout phases and each phase will follow the same sequence of events:

    1.  Survey, design and detailed planning
    2. Implementation
    3. Services available from Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

    BT has started its survey, design and detailed planning work for the first phase of the BBfN rollout and services from ISPs for Phase 1 are due to be available by the end of this year.  Once survey, design and detailed planning for each phase is complete, information concerning the areas that will benefit will be made available (for Phase 1 this is expected summer 2013).  Information for each subsequent phase will be released approximately every three months.  Once services are available from ISPs information on speeds at an individual premises level will be available.  The programme will share information regarding the availability of better broadband in the county via the BBfN website (at: www.sayyestobroadband.co.uk) as soon as it can.





  • Norfolk RCC: Cold Weather Alert: How to stay warm & well and help others

    Cold Weather Alert

  • Close Air Support Exercise

    A close Air Support exercise is due to take place between 10th-14th of December 2012 at Hinderclay this time British and American fast jets will be involved (no helicopters). As the American aircraft are far noisier than ours please could you warn all concerned as to the extra volume

    Helicopter Training (60sqn)

    Dear all, we have some training now booked for the 28th of October which involves Griffin helicopters, this squadron is an advanced helicopter training unit that flies at low level, and are distinctive by their black and yellow livery.  The unit will be operating out of RAF Honington and propose to land three helicopters at a time, on the grass field at the back of the farm. The timings are 10.30am, 12.30pm&14.30 respectively. As usual the weather will have the last word, but would all pony/ horse riders please be aware of their presence at and around those times . Anybody wishing to come and watch obviously feel free but please let me know as I am not sure which part of the field they will be definitely landing on this is at the discretion of the lead pilot.

  • Local Policing Update for Diss and Attleborough neighbourhoods



  • Electric Blanket Testing


    Get your Electric Blanket safety checked – click here for further details.


  • Drivers Offered Security Marking – South Norfolk message from Norfolk Police Direct

    Drivers offered security marking – South Norfolk

    Police in South Norfolk have teamed up with three garages to offer motorists free catalytic converter marking next month.

    Drivers of 4x4s, motor homes and vans will be able to visit garages in Tharston, Diss and Harleston every Friday throughout June to get catalytic converters security marked.

    The aim is to reduce the number of thefts and make it more difficult for offenders to dispose of them at scrap metal sites.

    Local beat manager PC Jim Squires said: “Catalytic converters are prime targets for thieves because they contain premium metals platinum and rhodium. These marking events will make it difficult for criminals to dispose of.”

    The garages taking part are:

    • Stratton Quick Fit, Salamanca Road, Tharston Industrial Estate
    • Tread First Tyre and Exhaust, Vinces Road, Diss
    • Harleston Tyre Service, Fuller Road, Harleston Industrial Estate

    Vehicle owners will need to sign a disclaimer before converters are marked.

  • Drought situation and imminent Hosepipe Ban

    anglian water – drought situation0001

  • Information from the Environment Agency

    Environment Agency - Home

    Septic tank and package sewage treatment plant owners read on……….

    The Environment Agency is trying to reduce the nutrients reaching our rivers and we need your help.

    The water from Blo’ Norton drains to the Rivers Little Ouse and some to the River Waveney.  The local rivers need low nutrients to support the full range of wildlife. Nutrients (particularly phosphates) can come from several sources including septic tanks and package treatment plants.

    To help reduce the nutrients please desludge your septic tank or package treatment plant at least once a year (nutrients settle out in the sludge), change to phosphate free detergents and check that any septic tanks drain effectively into the land, rather than reaching the river.

    If each household does a bit, we can make a big difference to the amount of nutrient entering our water environment.




  • What is the John Dyer Charity?

    The John Dyer Charity

    On 20 November 1828, John Dyer set up a Charity for “The Instruction of Children of Blo’ Norton”.  The Charity is to provide a small amount of financial assistance to aid the educational development of young people living in the Parish.

    All Charities have regulations they must adhere to in order to fulfil the law.  The Charity is in a position to fund small grants to children of the parish.

    There is not a great deal of money available, regrettably what was a reasonable sum 184 years ago does not now have the same buying power.  That said the Charity should be in a position to help in some small way the educational needs of some of our young people living in the Parish.  Please use it.

    Applications for Blo’ Norton Grants should be made, by letter, to the three Blo’ Norton Trustees:

    • Mrs Susan Nixon of Ashiana , Fen Road , Blo’ Norton , Diss ,IP22 2JH ,
    • John Olley, Fircone Bungalow, Fen Road, Blo’ Norton, Diss IP22 2JH
    • Mike Bristow, Brick End Cottage, Thelnetham Road, Blo’ Norton, Diss IP22 2JG

    Please note that the Parish Council is not a Trustee for this Charity and therefore has no power to decide how funds are allocated, however the Parish Council would hope to support the application of needy cases to the Trustees.





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