History Group Meetings 2016

The first three meetings of the year are as follows:


Date & Time Subject Speaker




Monday 25th January 7.30pm Daniel Defoe’s Tour of the Eastern Counties in 1722 Sarah Doig Blo Norton Village Hall
Monday 14th March 7.30pm

Agriculture in Suffolk



Pat Murrell Blo Norton Village Hall
Monday 18th April 7.30pm

Frolic, Fervour &



Pip Wright Blo Norton illage Hall


Admission: £3 – pay on the door

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23 Responses to History Group Meetings 2016

  1. Janet More says:

    Hi There,
    A bit of a wild card really, just wondering if anyone there would have any information pertaining to the Civil family that I believe where located in Blo Norton a couple of hundred years ago. I understand that there are few in the grave yard.
    Any information about where they may have lived and what they were doing there, would be most gratefully appreciated
    Kind regards
    Jan More

  2. Sally Courtney says:

    Reginald Claude Fuller was my grandfather and is buried in Blo Norton churchyard.
    He was and agricultural worker from the 1920’s and throughout the war.
    A local man recorded his recollections of that time. Alas, nothing else is known about this.
    Is there anybody who can help me locate the historian, their book or, better still, the tapes.
    If I could just hear his voice one more time it would mean the world to me.

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