Close Air Support Exercise

A close Air Support exercise is due to take place between 10th-14th of December 2012 at Hinderclay this time British and American fast jets will be involved (no helicopters). As the American aircraft are far noisier than ours please could you warn all concerned as to the extra volume

Helicopter Training (60sqn)

Dear all, we have some training now booked for the 28th of October which involves Griffin helicopters, this squadron is an advanced helicopter training unit that flies at low level, and are distinctive by their black and yellow livery.  The unit will be operating out of RAF Honington and propose to land three helicopters at a time, on the grass field at the back of the farm. The timings are 10.30am, 12.30pm&14.30 respectively. As usual the weather will have the last word, but would all pony/ horse riders please be aware of their presence at and around those times . Anybody wishing to come and watch obviously feel free but please let me know as I am not sure which part of the field they will be definitely landing on this is at the discretion of the lead pilot.

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