Papers for 23 February Parish Council Meeting

Agenda – amended agenda feb2016

Minutes of meeting draft december meeting

Item 7 b – Breckland Local Plan Preferred Directions Consultation

Item 7 c – Queen’s Birthday Celebrations – April 2016

Item 11a – External Audit for Smaller Authorities opt in/opt out – Smaller Authorities’ Audit Appointments – First Communication and Smaller Authorities’ Audit Appointments – Second Communication

Item 11 – Receipts and Invoices – April-February

Item 12 – Decision 3PL-2015-1440-F the Gables and Decision 3~PL-2015-1381-F Broadway House

Item 12 b:  Variation of condition 3 on 3PL-2012-1048-CU in respect adding applicant to personal condition


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